In Josie Boivin’s hometown, everyone keeps a jardin, a garden, and as the ground begins to thaw they delight in the blooming perennials as the days warm and pollinators return to the region. On a summer day, Boivin began conceptualizing her new album while she and her sisters picked raspberries and avoided bee stings. “It was a beautiful day and one of those moments when you feel high on life,” Boivin says. “I was filled with gratitude for the place I’m from, for the natural world I’m so connected to.” 

MUNYA’s new album Jardin follows 2021’s Voyage to Mars. She produced Jardin alongside multi-instrumentalist Kainalu, and together, they grew the album from the ground up, the simplest seed of an idea blooming into a lush garden of sound. “This album is about the people who raised me, the people who inspire me, those who made me the artist I am today,” Boivin says. Jardin pays homage to Boivin’s mother and grandparents, but also household names like Shania Twain, Maria Callas, and Marvin Gaye. Single “Un Deux Trois” was written in reverence of Giorgio Moroder and the music he’s inspired, particularly Daft Punk’s catalog, whose influence can be heard on Boivin’s impossibly groovy song sung entirely in French. 

Munya jardin